Stop The Pain


At StillWaters Healing Center, we are often asked what is the number one thing we treat.  I’d have to say it’s PAIN.  All different kinds – chronic, acute, localized, widespread, mystery pain…you name it, we’ve seen it and have a great track record for recovery!  Most pain patients seem to have one thing in common: over the counter pain medications stopped working and they don’t want to take prescription pain meds.  Over the counter pain medicines are not meant to be taken daily for prolonged periods of time and can actually hinder your bodys ability to heal itself.

Here’s a fun little drug fact:  Physicians in the United States annually write almost 100 million prescriptions, 20 million in England, and 10 million in Canada.  Americans alone purchase 30 billion NSAID tablets annually!  The effects of long term use of over the counter pain medications have increased exponentially and ironically (or not ironically) so have autoimmune diseases.  Hmmm.  There is more great info in this blog!

Acupuncture is such an amazing healer!  It’s a whole-body complete medicine in itself.  It’s especially wonderful for aiding injuries.  By increasing bloodflow to an injured area, reducing inflammation and jumpstarting healing – after a little time of letting your body do the work, you’ll be back to enjoying the great quality of life you’ve always had!  Stop struggling with pain and popping bandaid pills – it’s time to heal your body!