Chronic/Acute pain

Natural Pain Management

No one should had to “live” with pain but many of us do.  Slaves to our anti-inflammatories and restricted in the types of activities we’re able to participate in , we are told that this is just something we’ll have to “deal” with the rest of our lives.

At StillWaters Healing Center, we believe there is a better solution.  For almost 10 years, we have been treating both chronic and acute pain successfully and have also been able to relieve patients in the Maitland and Winter Park areas of their medications, restoring them to exercise and activities that made their life whole again.
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine chooses to treat the root cause of pain and allow the body to heal like it’s supposed to.  If you are suffering from pain, Acupuncture can work for you, but please don’t wait!  Here are some symptoms to look out for if you are considering an alternative.  Don’t wait if:
  1. Your pain is interrupting sleep.  Disruptions and sleeping patterns can make the issue more complex and even make pain seem worse than it really is.
  2. Your pain comes and goes.  Pain that comes and goes indicates neurological involvement and not just soft tissue damage.  This type of pain won’t’ go away simply by taking an anti-inflammatory or getting a massage.
  3. Your pain has been going on consistently for over 2 weeks.  Minor injuries and muscle strains normally take 2 weeks to heal.  After being checked by an orthopedic for fractures or tears, starting Acupuncture immediately will help speed up the healing process by 75% even if you broke a bone!

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