Moxa what?


Perhaps if you’ve ever been to an Acupuncture Physician or Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor you have heard this mysterious word…moxibustion (or moxa for short).  I decided we needed to know more about this stuff and found some pretty interesting things!

Moxa is made from mugwart.  Which is a plant that contains multiple kinds of essential oils and flavanoids, that are believed to carry a whole host of benefits!  Mugwart was documented for medicinal uses as far back as 3BC in a poem!  I can’t even wrap my head around how long ago that was!  I’ve found that it’s used in some medicinal way by just about every culture in the world…in the world!!!  That’s crazy!

This magical plant is dried and commonly used as a heat therapy in a few different ways.  In our office it’s used in an indirect way, so as to not touch the skin.  The form we use is a smoke-less compressed kind, rolled into a fancy cigar shape.  A physician lights it on fire and blows it out, much like incense.  It also has an incense type aroma, personally a relaxing and calming smell to me.  As it burns, it’s used to warm either Acupuncture points or the already inserted needles themselves.  It’s seriously so stress relieving because it’s warm and relaxing but with actual health benefits as well.  If I could have moxa done at each visit, I totally would just for its smell and  calming effects!

It is believed that moxa can help with chronic problems such as pain, colitis, and constipation but also for stroke, cancer, and hypertension when coupled with Acupuncture!  It’s even used to turn babies!  What?!  It works by increasing circulation, which creates smoother flow of qi (energy/blood) through the meridian of your body.  This stuff is amazing!  Maybe the next time you’re in Orlando – ask your TCM doctor or Acupuncturist if you would benefit from Moxa therapy!

I truly loved my experience with moxa and I sincerely hope you do as well!